Sign the petition Rian #NietGayGenoeg

Sign the petition Rian #NietGayGenoeg

Rian & Richard, a gay couple in Middelburg. But according to IND not gay enough.

Rian applied in 2015 for asylum because he was badly mistreated in Iraq as a young homosexual man. But the IND rejected his asylum application. Rian is straight until the opposite is proven.

Rian has a relationship with Richard for more than a year are living together. Richard, his family, friends and neighbors testified in the lawsuit that followed on the rejection of Rian's residence permit. LGBT Asylum Support assisted Rian & Richard in their search for equality. The judge believed Rian and decided positively. IND appealed the judgment of the judge. IND maintains there position that Rian is not gay. But even worse, his Dutch partner is not believed by IND. With this IND moves everyone away as liars.

A direct result was the motion submitted by D66 on 29 November, supported by coalition parties VVD, CDA and the Christian Union to the State Secretary. IND must change the work instruction how LGBT asylum seekers currently are tested.

Please place your signature, share the petition and show that this is not to be tolerated.

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Motion about ineffective work instructions of IND

Motion about ineffective work instructions of IND

An effective political lobbying of LGBT Asylum Support for rejected LGBT asylum seekers finally brings the ineffective work instructions of IND to attention.

After 5 months of campaigning with the petition #NietGayGenoeg, the collected signatures were presented to the permanent parliamentary committee Security and Justice in the House of Representatives on 5 September. On 14 September, a meeting was held with questions to the State Secretary and shortly afterwards LGBT Asylum Support was invited by the D66 group, Maarten Groothuizen.

Never before had a motion of coalition parties in parlement about this subject got so much media attention. All newspapers wrote about it, NOS, Nieuwsuur.

This year LGBT Asylum support not only talks about this with politicians to change the assessment of LGBT asylum seekers by IND, but also with almost all COC Cocktail projects, other LGBT advocacy organizations and lawyers, but especially with the LGBT asylum seekers themselves who are considered unbelievable.

Changes are needed to give LGBT asylum seekers the protection they deserve

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Support to help LGBT asylum seekers in distress

Support to help LGBT asylum seekers in distress

Help us to do our work.

Only this year (2017) we supported over 130 desparete LGBT asylum seekers in their procedure. Without any governmental financial support.

Our volunteers are working hard every day for protection to asylum seekers in urgent need.

We believe that every asylum seeker deserves a safe shelter. This requires money.

LGBT Asylum Support is entirely dependent for this on private donations.
We can only do our work thanks to the support of people like you. Please help us and donate today.

Support to help LGBT asylum seekers in distress.

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