LGBT Asylum Support works exclusively with volunteers. We are urgently looking for people with a good heart, an open mind and a link or experience to the LGBT field. Just because the men are in the majority, we can use additional volunteers to support lesbians and transgenders.

We are urgently looking for:

  • volunteers with legal background, psychologists, international law, asylum law to assist asylum seekers in the proceedings
  • safe shelters

In general, asylum seekers flee from areas with extreme violence, discrimination or sexual harassment. But once in the camps they come in contact with the same people again where they have fled. This sometimes makes it necessary emergency shelter for LGBT people as threats and intimidation escalated in the COA.

You can also contribute by:

  • by organizing and facilitating meetings
  • providing all sorts of information
  • as a buddy

Its required to speak English. Other foreign languages, including the languages ​​of the crisis regions is a big advantage.


Contact us: info at