The Cuban LGBT blackbook - Geen vrijheid, geen rechten

The Cuban LGBT blackbook - Geen vrijheid, geen rechten

‘The Cuban LGBTI Blackbook: geen vrijheid, geen rechten ‘. Dit 116 pagina’s tellende rapport is opgesteld door LGBT Asylum Support. Het beschrijft het schrijnende lot van Cubaanse LHBTI-ers die in Nederland asiel aanvragen. Eind februari zond COC Nederland al een brief aan staatssecretaris Mark Harbers en de Kamer om asiel voor deze groep eenvoudiger te maken.

Cuba wordt door Nederland gezien als veilig land van herkomst. Volgens het Cubaanse Mensenrechtenobservatorium OCDH en juridisch adviesbureau Lexinter lopen LHBTI-ers die naar Cuba worden teruggestuurd groot risico om in de gevangenis te belanden.

LGBT Asylum support heeft een 116 pagina’s tellend rapport opgesteld. Naast vertalingen van zorgwekkende jaarverslagen van Cubaans Mensenrechtenobservatorium OCDH bevat het ook uitvoerige onderzoeken door juridisch adviesbureau Lexinter. Kern van het Cuban LGBTI Black book zijn de dertig verhalen van LHBTI-vluchtelingen die onmogelijk terug kunnen naar hun land van herkomst.

'The Cuban LGBTI Black book: no freedom, no rights'. This 116-page report was prepared by LGBT Asylum Support. It describes the harrowing fate of Cuban LGBTI people who apply for asylum in the Netherlands. At the end of February, COC Netherlands already sent a letter to Secretary of State Mark Harbers and the House to make asylum easier for this group.

Cuba is seen by the Netherlands as a safe country of origin. According to the Cuban Human Rights Observatory OCDH and legal consultancy organization Lexinter, LGBTI people who are sent back to Cuba are at great risk of being put in prison.

LGBT Asylum support has drawn up this 116-page report. In addition to translations of worrying annual reports from Cuban Human Rights Observatory OCDH, it also contains extensive investigations by legal consultancy firm Lexinter. The core of the Cuban LGBTI Black book are the thirty stories of LGBTI refugees who can’t possibly return to their country of origin.

Download here the Blackbook

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Niet 'Gay'genoeg live on BNN-VARA

Niet 'Gay'genoeg live on BNN-VARA

How do you prove that you are gay? Emma van Poorten follows Amin who had to flee his country because of his sexual orientation and hopes for a residence permit here in the Netherlands. But then he must convince the IND of his or her orientation.

So watch BNN-VARA on March 6th at 22:05

An effective political lobbying of LGBT Asylum Support for rejected LGBT asylum seekers finally brings the ineffective work instructions of IND to attention.

After 5 months of campaigning with the petition #NietGayGenoeg, the collected signatures were presented to the permanent parliamentary committee Security and Justice in the House of Representatives on 5 September. On 14 September, a meeting was held with questions to the State Secretary and shortly afterwards LGBT Asylum Support was invited by the D66 group, Maarten Groothuizen.

Never before had a motion of coalition parties in parlement about this subject got so much media attention. All newspapers wrote about it, NOS, Nieuwsuur.

This year LGBT Asylum support not only talks about this with politicians to change the assessment of LGBT asylum seekers by IND, but also with almost all COC Cocktail projects, other LGBT advocacy organizations and lawyers, but especially with the LGBT asylum seekers themselves who are considered unbelievable.

Changes are needed to give LGBT asylum seekers the protection they deserve

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