LGBT Asylum Support is a Dutch NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). We support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers in the Netherlands. We are a link between LGBT refugees and other Dutch organizations to help asylum seekers.

Among all asylum seekers in general, there is a small, often particularly vulnerable group. Some LGBT refugees flee their country only because of their sexual orientation, some also have additional reasons (war). In any case, their cultural and religious background and sometimes very traumatic experiences in their country of origin often obstructs talking (publicly) about their sexual orientation when they apply for asylum. Once in the Netherlands, they are selected and lodged by the COA (Central Agency for Asylum Seekers) based on their nationality. This often puts them in touch with the very same people from whom they just fled, facing discrimination and harassment all over again. Virtually all LGBT asylum seekers end up in the closet again.

We try to provide proper guidance and social support to this vulnerable group. We defend the rights of the LGBT asylum seekers, get them out of their isolation and guide them in the asylum process; we train them to be open about their sexual orientation in their asylum procedure, something that often is contrary to their instincts to survive.

Through an extensive network, we quickly get in contact with the LGBT asylum seekers in the Netherlands. We get them in contact with each other in a safe way. Moreover, we take the initiative to create emergency shelters, putting these issues on the political agenda and get in contact with regional and local authorities and the COA.