Next week on april 14 there will be a meeting with staatssecretaris Klaas Dijkhoff and LGBT Asylumsupport, COC Nederland and Secret Garden to discuss how to guarantee the safety of LGBT asylum seekers/refugees in the Netherlands. We like to hand over a collection of all the actual discrimination-, harassment- or violence-reports. Therefore we invite you to fill in a report form for discrimination and violence when this happend to you too. This weekend we will gather all the replies and hand them over to the staatssecretaris. But also in de next future you can use this form to report (anonymously) discrimination, harassment and violence.

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Although its known about discrimination and harassment in AZC’s only a few reports of discrimination reach the authorities.

Every citizen in the Netherlands must comply with Article 1 of the Constitution. This is law is valid in- and outside of the asylum camps.

Art. 1
“All persons in the Netherlands, in similar cases should be treated equally. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race, gender or any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted”.

Discrimination, harassment or sexual assault should in all cases be reported to the police. The police must take action when discrimination does take place. You can also decide to report (anonymously) discrimination or harassment through discrimination-reporting offices in your area. Reporting makes sense and especially when it happened repeatedly. In this way, the scale of discrimination is visible and targeted actions can be taken.

Reporting discimination in Groningen

Reporting discrimination in Drenthe…

Reporting discrimination in Friesland

Reporting discrimination in all other regions in the Netherlands

Reports of discrimination will always be taken confidential. No information will be forwarded or published without your permission. Contact takes place by email. You can use as email address if you prefer to use this.

Problems to report discrimination or complaints about the police or COA can be reported at . We will support you in this. Complaints will not have influence on an asylum procedure. In the Netherlands it’s legal to be critical on the authorities.