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On June 19, LGBT Asylum Support presented the report ‘The Ukraine LGBT black book: Unfulfilled Promises’ to State Secretary Mark Harbers, the permanent parliamentary committee for security and justice, members of the Tweede Kamer, and the IND. This with the aim of reviewing the assessment of Ukraine as a safe country of origin with regard to the position of LGBTI asylum seekers and designating this group as a risk group. This report, which involved six months of research, consists of summaries of more than 110 documents and reports with which more than 5000 pages have been read.

The conclusion of LGBT Asylum Support is in line with that of the European parliament “No one can safely assert his rights as long as the rights of everyone are not protected”, is a much more critical attitude than the Netherlands now adopts. There is a decline in the role of authorities in providing protection and allowing neo-Nazi / nationalist groups. This makes Oekaïne an unsafe country for LGBTI.

download here this report