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LGBT Asylum Support is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in 2015. The purpose of the organisation is to provide support for LGBTI-refugees in the Netherlands. Sandro Kortekaas founded LGBT Asylum Support as a response to the prohibition of ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’ by the Russian parliament. In collaboration with fellow LGBTI-organisations, LGBT Asylum Support provides support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender -and Intersex refugees throughout the asylum procedure. The organisation serves both as a guide and a safety net for LGBTI-refugees.


LGBT Asylum Support advocates on behalf of LGBTI refugees in the asylum procedure or those who are eligible to the refugee status in the Netherlands


Globally, the Netherlands is renowned for being a country where one can safely express one’s sexual orientation and gender identity. While this reputation still holds true, societal reality can prove a stark contrast. In an effort to flee homophobic and transphobic societies, LGBTI-refugees still face discrimination and persecution throughout the asylum procedure. LGBT Asylum Support strives to safeguard humanity within the asylum procedure on behalf of LGBTI-refugees.



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As an NGO not subsidized by the government, LGBT Asylum Support relies on financial contributions. Various companies, organisations and people have supported LGBT Asylum Support throughout the years and have expressed their public support.

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You can also join us!


LGBT Asylum Support consists of a team of volunteers. We are looking for dedicated volunteers with various backgrounds to support the organisation in its professional activities. If you are concerned with the plight of LGBTI-refugees and seek to make a difference, we are looking for you!

Who are you?

You have experience or affinity with LGBTI-refugees
You are open-minded to people of different cultural backgrounds
You are able to relate to LGBTI-refugees
You are resilient and able to cope with work-related stress
You rely on critical thinking
You are able to work independently, but also as part of a team
You are fluent in Dutch and proficient in English. Proficiency in Arabic, Russian and/or Farsi are a plus


Want to join us?

Choose a vacancy, which you would like to help with and fill the form by clicking the button bellow. Alternatively, send an email to info@lgbtasylumsupport.nl


LGBTI-refugees flee from homophobic societies seeking legal protection. The asylum procedure in the Netherlands can be complicated and overwhelming. As a legal volunteer, you provide legal assistance to clients throughout the asylum procedure and buttress their asylum application based on provided source material.

Link: Vacancy-legal – LGBT Asylum Support

In order to familiarise LGBTI-refugees with Dutch culture, learning Dutch is indispensable. As a volunteer teacher, you teach Dutch to at least one client on a weekly basis.

Link: Vacancy-teachers – LGBT Asylum Support

LGBTI-refugees originate from various countries. Clients often have a Russian, Arabic or Iranian background, on account of homophobic-legislation and prevalent societal attitude. As such, LGBT Asylum Support is looking for volunteer translators in Arabic, Farsi and Russian to translate documents which are vital for asylum requests of individual clients.

Link: Vacancy-translator – LGBT Asylum Support

The treatment of LGBTI refugees is the subject of a heated societal and political debate. As a communication volunteer, you speak on behalf of LGBT Asylum Support.

Link: Vacancy-Social Media – LGBT Asylum Support

LGBTI-refugees originate from countries in which their sexual orientation is often legally criminilised and socially vilified. Throughout the asylum procedure, LGBTI-refugees live at the mercy of a hostile environment and cannot express themselves freely. As a buddy, you provide a safe environment in which LGBTI-refugees can express themselves freely and familiarise them with Dutch culture.

Link: Vacancy-General – LGBT Asylum Support


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Stichting LGBT Asylum Support is gevestigd in Groningen onder kamer van koophandelmummer 65463269.

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