Letter to Secretary of State Mark Harbers

Dear Secretary of State Mark Harbers,

With this petition and collected signatures, we give you an example of how currently in the Netherlands LGBT asylum seekers are incorrectly assessed as implausible LGBTs by IND’s work instruction. LGBT asylum seekers who are then sent back to countries that the Dutch government sees as unsafe, such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica and even Chechnya.

On November 29, the coalition parties instructed you after the political lobby and offering the petition #NietGayGenoeg by LGBT Asylum Support, that better instruction to IND officials is needed. If you read how Rian and even his Dutch partner Richard are considered unbelievable, you will also believe that this change is badly needed.

What we ask you is that, in addition to better instruction from IND civil servants, it must be assessed more broadly by not only looking at the awareness process or self-acceptance in the country of origin, but also at how the awareness process has taken place in the Netherlands, a country where LGBTs are accepted and where the process of coming out as we know it takes place. That only the asylum seeker can and may declare to be LGBT and not IND. And should IND doubt this, it is obliged to conduct its investigation. That the IND must take positive proof of this by third parties and that if necessary, IND can use a commission such as it is now for Christians. This way we create a fair environment that suits LGBT asylum seekers who are not designated as vulnerable for a reason.

Give LGBTQ people their right to live in our free democracy


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